A lot of value being created

I hear the word ‘disruptive’ far, far too often — usually in the context of a new drug for anal warts or some such. Is it more loathsome than the use of ‘value’? That’s a tough call.


Thank you, Gombrecht, for this fabulous downgrade, a giant step akin to that Microsoft took from XP to Vista.  I look forward to version -2.0, which will be a BBS service accessible only via direct dial up (remember set your modem to half-duplex!).

Announcing A Major Downgrade!

To better reflect the decline of everything, The Bandarlog has replaced its singular site format with a slapdash, generic WordPress install. Rest assured that we will endeavor to dumb down the writing as well (we would never have used the word “install” as a noun on the old site!). Old content remains at the same archive URLs, the most recent being #69.