It’s a stumper, Ben. I wish had a complete answer. Rather than attempting one, let me ask you whether I am misremembering when I say that we met for a drink once at La Bottega in the Maritime hotel on lower Ninth Ave. This was the Ace Hotel of its day, and our meeting there — if there was such a meeting — would have been in 2009, or roughly halfway between the Maritime’s day (2004) and the Ace Hotel’s day (2013). When I first took a look at La Bottega in 2004, it struck me as objectively indistinguishable from a slapdash al-fresco Epcot Center cafeteria. And yet I knew that it was Cool. There was a vibrant image in my mind of the instant that the perverse hotelier/restauranteur must have conceived of the place — “Yes, I will studiously shear the space of anything interesting, to show that the unaided power of my charisma (and that of my Downtown Set) to render things Cool is limitless! Mwhahahahaha.”